Prepare Your Child 

Watch the news on any given day: the shootings, assaults, and reports of senseless violence targeting unsuspecting and unprepared victims lead the headlines. Do your children know what to do in the face of unexpected danger? Do they have the means to protect themselves? After 26 years in law enforcement, Carol Mona created The Safety Class to empower teenagers.

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Empowering Skills

The mission of The Safety Class is to turn middle schoolers and teens into superheroes! The Safety Class will help them become more aware of their surroundings, develop the confidence and wherewithal to protect themselves in a dangerous situation. Our goal is to replace fear with empowerment. Carol  has taken her police experience,  martial arts background, and knowledge of criminal tactics to create The Safety Class.  

From Fearful to Fearless

Armed with key skills provided by The Safety Class, including five concentrated module sessions, your children will emerge with an elevated level of confidence and personal safety awareness. These essential new skills will help your children identify vulnerabilities, gain knowledge of criminal tactics and learn more than 20 self-defense techniques.

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