What if You Could Prevent a Crime
from Happening to Your Child?

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Why Trust The Safety Class?

Carol Mona, a 26 year law enforcement officer, created The Safety Class after witnessing people repeating the same mistakes, leading them inadvertently to becoming victims of crime. Using her own personal experiences, her law enforcement career, martial arts training, and experiences as the mother of a teenager, she created The Safety Class. Carol says, "I wish I had this information before I entered high school. It may have saved me a lot of heart ache, grief and stress." Carol wanted to have a place for teens to learn about personal safety so they can avoid situations similar to what she encountered. "That's why I created this course, so I could help others learn simple tactics to help them raise their awareness, confidence and become empowered!"

Teen Safety Facts

  • Research indicates that one in four children will be sexually abused by the time they are 18 years of age.

  • One in ten high school students will be in an abusive relationship in high school.

  • The number one killer of teenagers is car accidents. Not only as drivers, but as passengers, too.

  • Many students initially surveyed by The Safety Class said they would fight to keep their phone, rather than give it up to a robber.

Your Teenager Will Learn:


  • Empowerment

  • Personal-safety techniques

  • Recognizing criminal tactics

  • How to develop a survival mindset

  • Higher level of awareness

  • Their own vulnerabilities 

  • How to react if they are targeted for theft

  • How to react if they are bullied or harassed

  • How to identify an unhealthy relationship

  • How to react if they are targeted for a sexual assault and much more

Valuable Skills Taught in Five Weeks

Gain peace of mind knowing your child can fend for themselves whether walking home from school, or at school with the bullies. Your child will gain a higher level of confidence and feel more empowered. The Safety Class is designed to teach young teens ways to help keep themselves safe in an uncertain environment. Developing personal safety skills  can save a life.

The Safety Class is structured as a five-module online course that can be taken at the student's pace. Each module is under one hour long. We recommend taking one module a week. Students have open access to the course; their membership is valid for one year from date of purchase. 

Module 1

Your Unique 


Learn about the teen brain, identify unhealthy relationships, understand common criminal tactics. Master self-defense drills.

Discover how online posts can permanently affect your future. Identify predator tactics for grooming victims and recognize waring signs when  online danger lurks. Learn self-defense techniques. 


dangerous real life risks

Learn course of action for escaping dangerous situations while out and about, review the leading cause of teen deaths. Decipher dating violence and master new self-defense techniques.

Module 4


Develop a survival mindset and the will to survive. Practice for survival by using your strongest assets. Are you really safer with a handgun? Learn additional new hands-on self-defense techniques. 




Practice observation skills. Learn strategies for reacting to theft, kidnap and sexual assault. Learn thee important factors to stopping an abduction and  learn more self-defense techniques.


understanding online risks

Choose from the following course options:


 SINGLE Option

The Single option grants one student immediate and unlimited access to The Safety Class online course for one year. The total cost is $297.00. Please use code SINGLE at checkout. Once you checkout, you will have immediate access to The Safety Class online course. 


 group option

The Group option grants five students unlimited access to the online course for one year. The total cost is $997.00 which includes a savings of $488; each student gets their own personal login to The Safety Class. No coupon code needed at checkout. Once you are checked out, you will have immediate access to The Safety Class course. 


Premier option

The Premier option grants one student unlimited access to The Safety Class course and an additional five hours of personal virtual training with Carol Mona, The Safety Class expert instructor. The student will work one on one with Carol during agreed upon hours between Carol and the parent/student. This will allow for more personalized  attention to the needs of the student's concerns and fears. Carol will specifically tailor the coaching to student's specific needs and student desires. Email info@thesafetyclass.com to arrange for a preliminary call.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Safety Class strives to satisfy parents and teenagers throughout the investment of this course. If The Safety Class does not meet your expectations, you may request a refund within 30 days of your purchase. Simply send an email to info@thesafetyclass.com and specify the reason for your request. The Safety Class guarantees a 100% refund of your purchase if you are not satisfied. 

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"Carol’s life experiences, good heart, knowledge and skills taught in this course are life giving. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT COURSE! I recommend it highly. When Carol told me she was embarking on this journey, I thought “Nobody better”. Throughout her life she has challenged herself: whether being a Police Officer, Detective, Blackbelt and being a wonderful Mom. I truly believe anyone who takes on this challenge with Carol will have their lives enhanced more than they know."  


“Carol put together a safety and awareness techniques class for our group. The ages in our group ranged from young to older. Carol presented the training in a manner where everyone felt comfortable participating in the self-defense techniques portion of the training. We all gained confidence to perform our jobs with the abilities to be aware of danger and how to defend and protect ourselves. Thank you, Carol, for believing in our group and the importance of personal safety awareness."


"This training has helped me boost my confidence and taught me a lot of new ideas to stay safe."                      


"This has taught me so many ways I can keep myself safe."


"This training helped me tremendously and has taught me what to do in a scary or bad situation."


"This training has prepared me for problems I might face with people in high school." 


"I now know I can fight for my life if I need to!"