Frequently Asked Questions

What will I gain from taking The Safety Class?

Students will gain insight into ways to identify, avoid and, as a last resort, defend against a dangerous situation feeling confident and empowered. Many people can easily feel unsafe and insecure, especially when hearing about violent and criminalistic acts that seem to occur so often in today's world. The Safety Class will help you feel more prepared, more confident and educated with options if faced with danger.

How long is The Safety Class course?

The Safety Class is a five-module online course. Each module is less than one hour. We encourage students to watch and practice one module each week. This gives the student time to absorb the information and practice the self-defense techniques.

What makes The Safety Class different from other safety programs?

The Safety Course's expert instructor has utilized 26 years in law enforcement and skills working with victims and suspects to craft five impactful safety modules for students. As a physically petite female who taught fellow officers survival skills, she shares a unique perspective on how size and gender can affect another person’s perception and behavior.
Your instructor is also a parent of a teenager and shares your heightened awareness of the dangers out there. While other self-defense programs may teach hands-on techniques, they often do not include methodology for for preventing being in a dangerous situation. The Safety Class teaches awareness, prevention and defense.

Is The Safety Class a how-to-fight class?

Although this class will teach self-defense moves like striking and kicking, the goal is for students to use these techniques as a last resort. The Safety Class educates students how to first identify and avoid dangerous situations so they can prevent a physical confrontation, then how to use self-defense moves in order to get away from a situation.

Is there a guarantee if I am not happy with The Safety Class?

Yes, if you are not completely satisfied with your investment you may request a refund up to 30 days from the start of the program. Simply email us at with your concerns and request.

What age of student is The Safety Class appropriate for?

The Safety Class is for all ages of students wanting to heighten their awareness and raise their self-confidence; however, students age 12 or 13 are the ideal student for The Safety Class. At this age, students are mature enough to absorb the information in The Safety Class, yet not quite to the age where they "know it all". The Safety Class discusses sexual assault and rape in Module 5. This is important information for a student of this age to learn about, especially before attending high school. If you do not want your child learning about ways to avoid or defend against a sexual assault, please wait to watch Module 5 until you feel they are ready for this information.

How long do I have access to The Safety Class once I am enrolled?

Students have one full year of access to The Safety Class online course for your enrollment to The Safety Class.