Carol Mona

The Safety Class Instructor

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Who is Carol Mona?

Carol Mona launched The Safety Class in 2020. A former chief investigator in Orange County, California, she served in law enforcement for 26 years years and now works as a private investigator.  


The mother of a high school teenager, Carol has also published the witty and insightful "Mom, Why Do My Farts Stink? Questions Only Mom and Science Can Answer."

Carol holds a black bet in martial arts and served as a self defense tactics instructor to other law enforcement officers. She also holds a master’s degree in Emergency Services Administration.


As a teenager, Carol found herself lacking the knowledge to handle several  uncomfortable and dangerous situations. As a parent, she was inspired to give other parents and their middle school-aged children the tools to avoid being caught off guard and to be prepared to react.

Carol's Story

How did one young woman's personal experience lead her on the path to a respected and lengthy career in law enforcement and self defense tactics?

I don't like bullies; and that's why I became a police officer in the first place. I was driven to become a police officer after encountering many situations with bullies during my teens. Standing only 5'2" as a police officer was a challenge for me.

I often heard, "You're too small" or "How are you going to take someone into custody?" and my favorite, "You sound like Minnie Mouse on the radio, can you change your voice?" 


I heard from many students that the training I provided helped them become more confident, self-aware and empowered.

Their positive feedback encouraged me to create The Safety Class. Through this avenue I realized I could reach many more people in order to help them become more confident and empowered.

I saw the same mistakes people made while working in law enforcement that led them to become crime victims.


Learning martial arts and boxing gave me the confidence and mental boost I needed to overcome these stereotypes.


Later in my career, I taught police officers defensive tactics and taught hundreds of teenagers personal-safety training.