The Safety Class  

What If You Could Prevent a Crime From Happening to Your Child?


The Safety Class is a professionally produced, self-paced personal safety course designed for middle school children. Mature enough to understand and absorb the information, they are also still receptive to learning new skills at this age. 

As students watch trainings and complete short assignments, they earn XP points to keep them motivated.  

The Safety Class consists of 5 modules; each module holds several short, impactful training sessions to hold student attention. To achieve the best proficiency in the shortest period of time, The Safety Class focuses on the most important dangers threatening children today. Each module is about one hour in length. 

Your Unique Vulnerabilities

Learn about the teen brain, identify 

unhealthy relationships, understand common criminal tactics and routine mistakes we make that make us vulnerable to crime. Master self-defense drills.

Understanding Online Risks

Discover how online posts can permanently affect your future. Identify predator tactics for grooming victims, and recognize warning signs when onlineconversations
cross into the danger zone.

Dangerous Real-Life Risks

Learn course of action for escaping  dangerous situations while out and about, review the leading cause of teen deaths. Decipher dating violence and master new hands-on self-defense techniques.

Your Survival Mindset

Develop a survival mindset and the will to survive. Practice for survival by using your strongest assets. Are you really safer with a handgun? Learn additional new hands- on self-defense techniques.

Theft, Kidnap and
Sexual Assault

Learn strategies for reacting to theft, kidnap and sexual assault. Practice observation skills. Learn three important factors to stopping an abduction and  learn more hands-on techniques. 






Course Tips

The Safety Class recommends viewing one module consecutively per week, giving students time to absorb the information and practice the personal safety techniques throughout the week.


It is important to master each of the personal safety techniques before moving on to the next module.

If you are not completely 100% satisfied, The Safety Class guarantees a money-back guarantee up to 30 days after purchase of the program.

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