Why Take The Safety Class?

Valuable Skills Taught in Five Weeks

Gain peace of mind knowing your child can fend for themselves whether walking home from school, or at school with the bullies. Your child will gain a higher level of confidence and feel more empowered. The Safety Class is designed to teach young teens ways to help keep themselves safe in an uncertain environment. Developing personal safety skills  can save a life.

Your Child Will Learn:

  • Empowerment

  • Personal-safety techniques

  • Recognizing criminal tactics

  • How to develop a survival mindset

  • Higher level of awareness

  • Their own vulnerabilities 

  • How to react if they are targeted for theft

  • How to react if they are bullied or harassed

  • How to identify an unhealthy relationship

  • How to react if they are targeted for a sexual assault and much more

Empowering Teenagers 

Will your child freeze, flee or fight when faced with danger? The Safety Class helps arm them with a plan so they will not freeze. The Safety Class was created to empower teenagers using a five-week-module course to boost their confidence and increase a level of awareness free of fear so your teens will be inspired with their newfound life skills.


The top two fears among parents of teenagers, according to several surveys taken by The Safety Class, is their teens not knowing how to react if faced with a dangerous situation, and their teens hanging with the wrong crowd. 

Hundreds of teenagers were surveyed while training with The Safety Class and were asked "What is your No.1 fear regarding your personal safety?

The top three fears: Being shot, kidnapped or sexually assaulted. 

Teaching middle-school teenagers how to react in a dangerous situation will help protect them when they are given permission to go out with friends or on their own.

Teen Safety Facts

  • Research indicates that one in four children will be sexually abused by the time they are 18 years of age.

  • One in ten high school students will be in an abusive relationship in high school.

  • The number one killer of teenagers is car accidents. Not only as drivers, but as passengers, too.

  • Many students initially surveyed by The Safety Class said they would fight to keep their phone, rather than give it up to a robber.

Satisfaction Guaranteed



FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Retired

I am a big believer in The Safety Class.  After working crimes against children for five years with the FBI, I know it is so much easier to prevent crimes from happening than suffering the aftermath.  Carol Mona is passionate about keeping teens safe.  Her five pillars of personal safety empower our kids to have the confidence they need to keep themselves from becoming a victim of crime.


Middle School Director,
Heritage Oak Online Academy Principal

Carol Mona has been coming to our school for the past 6 years to teach her safety class to our 8th graders. She immediately connects with them as she tells her story from her teenage years. The students gain essential knowledge and skills about being aware of their surroundings and how to handle unexpected situations. Each year, their favorite part of the program is when they get to practice self-defense moves. Ms. Mona delivers her presentations with effectiveness and a warm smile. We look forward to each time she visits with us.

Buena Park Police Department,
Police Captain, Retired

I have had the honor of learning from Carol as well as watching her teach and mentor those around her. I have seen Carol teach safety strategies to adults and children. Her attention to the needs of children is unparalleled. Children who listen and learn from what Carol teaches them will learn positive life skills that can be later carried into adult life.